Terminology provides more choice for cursors!

Few months ago, a ticket was opened on phabricator to add support for DECSCUSR. This escape code allows to change the cursor style.

I thought it was a good idea since I sometimes feel like the block cursor is taking too much screen space.

For my 999th commit on Terminology, I’ve added support for this escape code and did a bit more. It is now possible to choose one of the 3 available shapes, blinking or not:

If you follow the git version, you can try one of the 3 printf below to change the cursor:

     printf "\x1b[1 q\n Block"
     printf "\x1b[3 q\n Underline"
     printf "\x1b[5 q\n Bar"

If you chose to have a blinking a cursor, it will keep on being blinking. The same works if you didn’t want it to blink.

Here’s how it renders for me:

showing up blinking cursors in terminology