Terminology at the EFL Dev Day 2014

The 2014 edition of the EFL Dev Day was held in Düsseldorf yesterday. I gave a quick talk about Terminology.

Just like last year, I used Terminology itself to render my talk.

The code is on github. I refactored it a bit and it should be more usable than the single script I had last year.

Terminology 0.7

During the talk I said that the version 0.7 of Terminology would go out soon and within few hours, it was released.

Distro involvement

I complained about the state of Terminology in the various Linux distributions. It is still hard on many distributions to get Terminology. If Terminology is not available in your distribution, please ask the distribution maintainers to package it!

The future

We have some great features planned but I don’t know what features people would like to see soon in Terminology.

Here is a quick list of possibilities:

If you have some nice ideas, I would like to hear about them! Feel free to contact me or open a “Wishlist” task on phab.

I will probably make a poll about those ideas to know what people think is important to add to Terminology.

The slides

Here are the slides:

Terminology - Oct 2014 - Beyond words

$ whoami

What is Terminology (in case you’re really new here)?

What have we done during the past year?


Terminology 0.4 (Dec 2013)

Terminology 0.5 (Mar 2014)

Terminology 0.6 (July 2014)

Terminology 0.7 (now!!!)

Great, but we haven’t conquered the world yet

State of Terminology in distros

What’s next?

What’s next?

Crazy ideas like…

Questions ?