Presentation of E-Tiling

I’ve branched e-tiling v0.5 on github.

What is it?

It’s a tiling module for enlightenment.

I’ve done a quick video to introduce it:

Presentation of E-Tiling

On the video, you may have noticed that windows are added on the right (not on left as is wrongly written).


As you may have seen, it’s possible to add a column by moving a window on the right border of the screen.

Keybindings are currently set to use the home row of your keyboard as much as possible, hence a, s, d, …

Quick technical note

I use compositing in order to have transparency support for the animations. I also disabled shadows on popups.


It’s not finished yet. Here’s what I plan on adding:


There are still some bugs when reloading enligthenment or when changing configuration.

I hope to fix them soon. I will update this post when done.

Edit #2

Those bugs are now hopefully fixed.