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Hi, I'm Boris Faure, aka billiob. I'm a 33 years old software engineer living in Paris, France.

You can consult here some of my works.

I'm working at Scality.


Here are some projects I work on my free time:

You can also find other projects I contribute to on or on github.


  • an open source terminal emulator

  • written in C with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries

  • with lots of great features

  • and a focus on speed


  • irc bot

  • written fully in BrainFuck++!!!

  • configurable!

  • can welcome new users

  • supports SSL

  • released under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License

  • hosted on github


You can contact me by different ways:

  • by email: boris at fau dot re

  • on irc: billiob on freenode

  • on twitter: @billiob

  • on github: billiob

My public PGP key can be found here.

Its fingerprint is A03F 74A6 51C4 36DA 002A D7C8 5787 DA62 0CE5 17D1

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